What’s up! i’m Ixbalam Tapia aka BLAM!

I’m a mexican living in Spain since 2007, i’m currently studying 2nd year of sociology at university of granada, south spain, and i’m 19 years old.

Well, it’s kinda hard to explain how i start yoyoing, ‘cause i was the typical 6-8 kid who play yoyo a few, like everybody(i think)…. but my real yoyo quest started 5 years ago when  my gymnastic class teacher make one week of traditional games exams, toys and games like yo-yo, spin top, jumprope, marbles, etc. (to remember the games played by our parents, and in opposition to all that new videogames charged with violence or similar). When i was looking for a good one, i didn't find any store with real good yoyo to play and pass my "yoyo exam", my father talk me about to find it on internet, so i look for, and i find takayasu tanaka from japan makin some crazy stuff that i never saw, i was decided to find yo-yos like that. so i bought a kick side and a fhz to rock out anduntil that, i felt totally in love with that toy…

Since that i always playing yoyo everywhere, i love to play with some nice beats to flow with, influenced by lot of players, i love faster tricks,some wrap leg stuff, and all tricks that could be coordinated with music. but what i really like about yoyo it's that we can share experiences, met amazing people, and have a good time with them. that's what yoyo it's all about.

I participate few times at mexico nationals, but when i really get involved into yo-yoing was when i met a lot of spanish players in 2007, and since that i never miss the spanish yoyo congress, placing 3rd in 2008, 1st in 2009 and 2nd 2010.

I don't know, just want to say thanks to all xcube team and xela for invite me to be part of this, not as a team but as a family <3.

So that's it's, and remember, xcube will blow up your minds soon, you guys are advised. : P

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