Hi Everyone, I'm Valentin Fauré, aka "Toonz".

I'm 28 years old and i play Yo² for 2 years. Even if I like juggling before seeing my first yoyo, i must admit that yoyoing become one of my favorite pastime.
Why I start Yoyo?? I meet Xela! When i saw what he does with a Yoyo, i say myself "Damn, I want to do that same F***ing s***!!^^". If you ever seen his tutos, you know he's a wonderful teacher. He learn me some basics and reveals me some of his secrets, of course it was easier to start with a player of this range! After some months of practice i went to some meetings, where i meet others players and can see that yoyoing is far away from this kid's game i played when i was 8 years old! Things have changed! Yo² is future ;)
During 2010, Xela told me he wants to create his own yoyo factory, and feel like creating yoyos. As i know he's a familiar face in yoyo world, and he knows a much yoyo design, i was sure this will be a great idea. For helping him, he propose me to create the website of the company and integrate the Xcube team.
Even if i'm not a competitor or a collector (in fact i can play with the same yoyo and the same string during months as far as the string gets dirty and breaks!), i like Yoyo meetings, and i like playing good yoyos. I know what make a yo better than another, and all i can say is that Xcube will brings you crazy conceptuals yoyos!
Enjoy ;)

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