Hey guys!

My name is Rubén Ortíz Fernández... oh yes, I’m Morapio.
I’m 29 years old, from Murcia (southern Spain), where good weather, the beach, Estrella de Levante branded beer and beautiful women make me a big guy... XD
Advertising creative for the last 10 years, actually I work as creative director in an advertising agency.

I always enjoyed skill toys, like diabolo, devil sticks, clubs, etc.

One day, my good friend Enrique (Dr. Topo) came to my place running like a bat out from hell and showed me an internet video with someone playing “modern” yoyo. I was shocked, with my mouth wide open, and couldn’t believe it. What was going on? How was that possible? It was the year 2003. We got into action: searched through internet and we found much to our surprise that the yoyo we used to know had changed. We wanted one to try.

So I got my first yoyo: a Viper Cobra. At the begining we were surprised, but as we were learning tricks we realized we needed more. More spintime, more weight... we went on searching. How? Metal yoyos? Let’s try!

My Viper Cobra became a YoyoJam Hitman... wow, that was a huge improvement. It was 2004.

I had found my favourite skilltoy: yoyo. Light, small, easy to carry. At the beginning we thought we were the only modern yoyo players in Spain. Months went through and one day Dr. Topo found the spanish language yoyo forum (www.yoyo4all.com) and what a coincidence, the creator of the forum was a spanish guy. So we met Jordi Ros, and thanks to him we made our first meetings, meeting wonderfull people, sharing tricks ideas, contests... Something big came around my head, a word: YOYOCREMA

I wanted to share my work with my new hobbie... YOYOCREMA was perfect.

A brand made specially for yoyo players. Provide exlcusive designs for yoyo brands, try to build a philosophy, a lifestyle, like they usually make with skate, snow or surf. After 8 years and a hard work with good friends like Alfredo Mascali (Spanish Yoyo Association president), YOYOCREMA is now well known in Europe as a philosophy that means play, smile and share. It makes spanish community one of the most beloved by all the foreign guests who have visited our country.

Thanks Xela, and all the other XCUBE members, for welcoming me like a new family member. It’s something really important for me, and now, more than ever before, because this hobbie has became part of my life...

Thanks my friends.



Previous works: graphics for EYYM 2011/12, AEY, AyoyoB, Lagoutte, Zeus, FYYA...

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