Hi, I'm nel aka hadoq from France, born in 1978. I never was a skilltoy person or a juggler, some say I got two left hands and ten thumbs. I started throwing in 2010 and I got hooked on the artistic and creative sides of yoyoing and how they are shared within the community. It was out of nothing, on a lifestyle forum, there was this guy who posted a vid of himself competing, I looked at it and was like "I got to try this out", which I did.

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I'm Riccardo "Blanchard" Fraolini and, despite my French nickname, I'm an Italian yoyoer.
In addition to throw, I also play drums in a couple of bands and I love making yo-yo related videos with R-Special, an improbable project with my Calabro-Italian friend Paolo.

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Hey guys!

My name is Rubén Ortíz Fernández... oh yes, I’m Morapio.
I’m 29 years old, from Murcia (southern Spain), where good weather, the beach, Estrella de Levante branded beer and beautiful women make me a big guy... XD
Advertising creative for the last 10 years, actually I work as creative director in an advertising agency.

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What’s up! i’m Ixbalam Tapia aka BLAM!

I’m a mexican living in Spain since 2007, i’m currently studying 2nd year of sociology at university of granada, south spain, and i’m 19 years old.

Well, it’s kinda hard to explain how i start yoyoing, ‘cause i was the typical 6-8 kid who play yoyo a few, like everybody(i think)…. but my real yoyo quest started 5 years ago when  my gymnastic class teacher make one week of traditional games exams, toys and games like yo-yo, spin top, jumprope, marbles, etc. (to remember the games played by our parents, and in opposition to all that new videogames charged with violence or similar).

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Hi Everyone, I'm Valentin Fauré, aka "Toonz".

I'm 28 years old and i play Yo² for 2 years. Even if I like juggling before seeing my first yoyo, i must admit that yoyoing become one of my favorite pastime.
Why I start Yoyo?? I meet Xela! When i saw what he does with a Yoyo, i say myself "Damn, I want to do that same F***ing s***!!^^". If you ever seen his tutos, you know he's a wonderful teacher. He learn me some basics and reveals me some of his secrets, of course it was easier to start with a player of this range!

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Hello Everyone, my name is Alexandre VALIN, aka Xela.

I started yoyo more than 5 years ago. I immediately felt in love with this little toy.
Some of you know me for my Tuts on the web and my creations. This made me travel to meet players from all over the world.
With my ever growing passion, I had a dream of creating my own brand and my own models.
When I drew this throw, I really wanted to make something different. Something extra-wide. Indeed, that yoyo has its width egual to its diameter.
X-cube dared for you!

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